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We Buy Cars

We really do buy any car, so whether your car is worth $20 or $20,000, we can make you a very firm offer. We give most of our offers over the phone, when our customers ring for quotations. Every offer we make is completely guaranteed, the only time the offer would change is if the condition you described wasn’t correct. We buy any car and many cars, if you have a yard full of junk cars you’ve finally decided to part with, we can make you an offer for every single one. We have no limit on the amount of cars we will buy from you.


We buy cars in any condition. That includes vehicles with missing parts, dodgy engines, no interior, body damage and old trucks with a poor MPG rate. We even buy vehicles that have been involved in accidents. Though just because we deal with junk cars, it does not mean we will not buy reliable cars too. We buy cars that are not even a month old. Any car that is offered to us, there is an extremely good chance we’ll offer a great price.

Vehicle Range

We buy a massive range of vehicles, there is not many vehicles we turn down. We have been known to buy Trucks, SUVs, Cars, Crossovers, Vans, and Collectors Vehicles. We bought even in the past foreign vehicles, including right hand drives. We can recycle any vehicle and sell on any car that is still seen as reliable.

We Buy From

We buy from anyone who personally owns a car, if the car is in your name, we will buy it from you. A lot of the time we buy from small business owners, especially cab drivers. It’s very hard for them to sell their well-worn vehicles on the traditional market but to us the metals from the car are still worth a fair price. It’s obviously also important for them to sell their cars fast to get back to the day job ASAP. That’s why small businesses choose us and comment well on our speed and reliability.

If you’re sat staring at your screen thinking ‘They haven’t mentioned my vehicle’, all it takes is a call and we can tell you whether we can make an offer. 9 times out of 10 we will buy your car; it’s extremely rare for us to say no. So what’s holding you back?

Our Customers Adore Us


“I recently needed to sell my old car and contacted your company. The service was friendly, quick, and organized. I wasn't sure if I would be able to sell my car and was pleased that you were interested in buying my vehicle. Thanks again for your help with my car. ”

Sheila M.