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Junk cars are exactly as described, they’re junk. This means they’re damaged in many different ways or just plain old. The damage you tell us about the vehicle won’t impact the quote we offer you. In fact we don’t judge junk cars on the damage inflicted, we guide the price on the weight and materials that can be taken from the car. Any junk car we buy will also be collected just like all our other vehicles; it will be towed for absolutely no fee!

It’s hard to judge what a vehicle is junk and what is still classed as reliable or usable. Junk cars are damaged in many ways, this can include interior damage i.e. stains to cloth, damaged or ripped leather, scuffs and scrapes to the plastics or steering wheel. Also exterior damage, for example damaged, scuffed paintwork, dents and extreme scratching of the body, poor tires or wheel damage etc. Sometimes the damage is caused by just pure neglect, road accidents or old age. When a car gets older or it hasn’t been treated properly it is far more likely to seize up. The good news for you though is that even if your car is in poor condition, we will still buy from you. Though what we should say that if your car is in excellent condition, you will surely get a lot more than a car covered in dents and scratches.

We utilize all the junk cars sold to us, the old cars we buy are salvaged so we can use their old parts and accessories for newer or similar vehicles. Good condition spare parts often have many years of wear left in them, so it makes sense to re-use them. It’s a process which greatly helps the local environment, keeping cars from landfills; helps remove a lot of chemicals from the atmosphere and local area. It also uses less energy and which in turn keeps material costs lower.

If your car has been involved in an accident your insurance will offer you a price, usually this is very low and we will pay more for wrecks. It’s usually not possible to salvage spare parts from cars that have been involved in accidents but we can still use the materials from it. Give us a call and see what we can offer for your junk!

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