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When selling your car for the first time, you may not be familiar with the process involved. Normally it can take weeks or months of advertising, including many photos and unnecessary details. A lot of the time the car is scrutinized for ever tiny point and then you have to deal with the strangers and bargaining of prices. But with our service none of this happens or none of this is needed. Selling your car to our company is simple, quick and hassle free. All we ask is a few details about the car, including the condition and parts that have replaced previously. It is much better than trying to sell privately; there is no need for the waiting and weeks of advertising. To sell your car quickly, just follow our simple procedure

Call us

Calling us means you’ll get a quote a quickly as we can process it, usually 10 minutes. The call will involve a few questions about the vehicle, nothing too hard, but you may want to take some notes down and have the information in front of you just in case. Once one of our polite co-workers have asked all they need to they will give you an offer. At no point do you have to take the offer as that’s exactly what it is, a no obligation offer.

Consider us

Once you’ve received our quote it’s up to you what you do, you can stay on the line and discuss the collection details or you can hang up. If you need time to consider the offer, maybe because you need to discuss it with the other half, then you can call back at any point. You should feel no pressure from us at all. At this point we will discuss and appointment to collect the vehicle.

Sell to us

We will come to your home or workplace, whichever you have decided, at the time discussed previously and we will bring all the needed paperwork with us. One of our team members will turn up and check over the vehicle, once he has confirmed all is okay then we will transfer the titles, for this we will need identification. Once all the lines have been signed and dotted we will hand over the cash for the keys.

It’s the same procedure that has worked for us for many years and is very much trusted. If you’re interested in our fast sale, you know what to do!

Our Customers Adore Us


“I recently needed to sell my old car and contacted your company. The service was friendly, quick, and organized. I wasn't sure if I would be able to sell my car and was pleased that you were interested in buying my vehicle. Thanks again for your help with my car. ”

Sheila M.